The next time you have to go out of town or you need a place for your pets to stay during home renovations, give us a call. If your pet is geriatric or has special needs care that a standard boarding facility won’t provide, we can help you!

At the Village Vet your furry K-9 friends are walked 3 times a day minimum, and for cats we will brush and cuddle at no extra charge.

For those pets who have special feeding instructions, we will cater to specific food temperature and consistency requirements as noted by their pet parents on admission. Our staff will take special care to make sure all of our guests are comfortable not only physically but emotionally. We pay attention to your pets behavior!  If they need more quiet time or play time, they get it!

Health requirements:

In order to assure the safety and health of all of our boarders we do require the following:

  • Pets must be current on vaccines – If there is a vaccine that is needed we can give it on the day of entry. (Standard fees apply)
  • Pets must be free of fleas – If your pet is brought into our facility with evidence of fleas, he or she will be treated with a safe and effective flea control product. (Standard fees apply)
  • Pets with medications – please have all your pets medications clearly labeled with instructions from the prescribing veterinarian. Please note that there is a small additional fee for medication administration.

During your pets stay there are additional services that we can provide such as: baths, pedicures, micro-chipping, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning and spay and neuter procedures. Be sure to ask the receptionist at the time you schedule your pets “get-away” for a complete estimate of all charges.

For Daycare and Boarding, please call for current fees.

There is no boarding charge for the day your pet leaves if he or she is picked up before 1pm (or if he/she is getting a bath on the day they are going home).

There is no charge for cancellations or alterations to boarding reservations, but be sure to book your reservations early for the holidays. Holiday “get-away spots fills up very quickly. You may need to reserve 1 to 2 months in advance at certain times of the year.

Download & Print form

You may download and print the form, complete the blank areas prior to your appointment and bring the completed form with you at the time of your first office visit or boarding appointment. The form may also be scanned and emailed