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Best Dog Food for Puppies

If you’re getting a puppy – or several them, for that matter – you have to make sure that they eat healthy. The nutritional considerations are much more important here, since puppies commonly have to eat a lot more than a grown adult dog (a concentration of essential nutrients up to 4-5 times greater).

Puppy food typically has to contain higher concentrations of protein, healthy fats and vitamins that are essential for growth. The best dog food for puppies will meet and exceed the standards recommended by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) regarding the amounts and types of nutrients included in commercial puppy food.

The best brands are, naturally, the ones that offer dog food made from “premium” quality ingredients that greatly exceed the minimum standards of quality. These products will give your puppy everything he or she needs to grow up into a healthy adult – a goal well worth the expense, even if some of the premium food products could be more costly.

While keeping all these aspects into consideration, you also have to figure out at which point your dog has reached adult stage. This time is different for each dog breads, and understandably, smaller breeds become adults earlier on than larger ones. In this period, and in order to make sure your dog gets used to regular dog food, it might be best to get food labeled “for all life stages” as part of a temporary, transitional period.

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