The Village Vet Offers Pet Orthopedic Care

It’s not uncommon for pets to develop orthopedic problems. These may occur because of an accident or fight with another animal, but sometimes, natural degenerative conditions are the cause of the impairment in movement. At The Village Vet in Baltimore, MD, we provide a number of procedures to help our patients with orthopedic problems.

What Is Orthopedic Care?

Orthopedics is a specialty that deals with disorders of the bones and spine. When injury or disease occurs in the bones, the problem can cause pain, stiffness, and poor mobility in pets. Orthopedic issues can seriously impact your pet’s quality of life and can lead to lack of exercise and increasing weight problems. Your veterinarian in Baltimore has received specialized training to diagnose and treat orthopedic issues.

Common Pet Orthopedic Issues

Animals have similar problems to the ones people do. Cruciate ligament tears in active dogs can cause limping and inability to use the leg normally. Many small breeds of dogs experience patellar luxation, in which the kneecap dislodges from its normal position. Hip dysplasia is common in larger breeds of dog. Accidents can cause bone fractures that may require complex surgery. Arthritis can cause pain and difficulty with normal mobility for both cats and dogs. Although cats are less prone to orthopedic problems, they may sustain fractures that require surgical procedures to repair.

Pet Surgery for Orthopedic Problems

A number of procedures are available to help animals with orthopedic issues. Repair of the cruciate ligament can help to restore normal use of the leg. Poor function from hip dysplasia can be improved. Fractures of the bone can be carefully repaired to allow normal healing and function. Orthopedic surgery often requires a period of time keeping your pet quiet and confined, to allow proper healing. In some cases, your pet will receive physical therapy to improve mobility after the procedure.

Make The Village Vet Your Veterinarian in Baltimore

Dr. Berry, Dr. Stump and the team at The Village Vet use their years of experience caring for animal to provide quality veterinary services for their patients in Baltimore and surrounding areas. We offer wellness exams, preventative care, dental care, diagnostics, surgery, laser therapy, microchipping, and boarding. Call The Village Vet today at 410-367-8111 for an appointment to have your pet checked and to learn about today’s veterinary solutions for pet orthopedic problems.