Pet Cardiology

The Village Vet Offers Pet Cardiology Care

Like people, pets can develop heart problems, too. These problems require comprehensive care to help your pets maintain health and normal activity levels. Careful diagnosis and appropriate treatment can maximize your pet’s ability to enjoy a full and happy life. At The Village Vet in Baltimore, MD, we provide care for heart-related conditions in pets.

Pet Cardiology

What Is Pet Cardiology?

Pet cardiology is a veterinary specialty that involves diseases and disorders of the heart. Veterinarians must undergo special training in treating these illnesses. Your vet in Baltimore can diagnose and provide treatment of common heart conditions in both dogs and cats.

Common Cardiac Problems in Pets

Some dog breeds are prone to developing heart conditions. Dysfunction in the valves of the heart, cardiomyopathy affecting the heart muscle itself, and heart failure are all common conditions in both dogs and cats. Heartworm disease can also affect cardiac function.

Symptoms of Heart Problems in Pets

Dogs may lose their energy or may seem less inclined to play. They may cough frequently or appear to have trouble breathing. They may faint or collapse suddenly after activity. They may lose their appetites or may seem withdrawn or depressed.

Cats will often mask their symptoms more than dogs do. Felines generally exhibit less coughing, but may vomit more frequently when a heart problem is present. They may experience embolisms that affect their ability to walk. They may sleep more than they normal do or experience weight loss or weight gain. Any noticeable change in your pet’s normal behavior should be investigated by your veterinarian.

Diagnosis & Treatment of Cardiac Disorders

You Baltimore vet will order a number of tests, including blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound, and echocardiograms to determine the source the heart problems. In some cases, medication and dietary changes may be needed on an ongoing basis to help your pet’s heart function more efficiently. In other cases, surgery may be needed to improve heart function. Your vet will discuss treatment options with you, and will be able to answer any questions you may have about your pet’s care.

Make The Village Vet Your Veterinarian in Baltimore for Cardiac Care

Dr. Berry, Dr. Stump, and the staff at The Village Vet love animals as much as you do, and we work hard to provide quality care for each of our patients in Baltimore, MD, and surrounding communities. We are a full service facility, offering examinations, vaccinations, dental care, microchipping, surgery, laser therapy, and boarding. Call The Village Vet today at 410-367-8111 for an appointment to have your pet examined and learn what cardiology care is available at our animal hospital.