Pet Diagnostics and Blood Work

The Village Vet in Baltimore, MD, provides pet bloodwork and diagnostics for when there is need to diagnose a problem in pets. Whether your furry animal requires blood work for finding underlying issues, diagnostics to verify a problem, or just a routine checkup, we will make certain the tests are done quickly and accurately. Our well-trained, loving staff will treat your pet like family.

Pet Diagnostics and Bloodwork

Pet Bloodwork

There is some information that can only be uncovered by doing blood work. Our lab can use bloodwork results to determine a number of complications or concerns such as: 

    • High glucose
    • Elevated cholesterol
    • Liver and kidney malfunctions
    • Endocrine issues
    • Digestive problems
    • Bleeding disorders
    • Cancer and tumors
    • Infectious disease
    • Blood clots and heart disease
    • And more

Pet Diagnostics

Oftentimes, bloodwork alone isn't enough to tell us everything we need to know about what is going on with your pet. Our veterinarians may order diagnostic testing to get a better view of the internal structures of your pet.

X-rays are great at revealing problems underneath the skin. If your pet sustain a fracture, have arthritis, or got pneumonia, our veterinarian is able to look at the extent of the injury or condition with x-rays.

Although x-rays are good for broken bones, an ultrasound is performed to observe or detect abnormalities deeper than an x-ray can provide. It can show us the actual texture of bones or organs and uncover masses at the early stages. The sooner a mass is removed, the better chance for survival.

Echocardiograms are used to get a sound wave picture of the heart. This simple test supplies the veterinarian with many facts about your furry companion's heart function, structure, and health. Echocardiograms show how well the blood flows to and from the heart, any fluid or tumor surrounding the heart, thickness of the heart muscle, and how well the valves are working. They are also vital part of diagnosing and treating heart conditions.

If your pet's thyroid bloodwork comes back suspicious, we can order a complete thyroid panel. An animal with low thyroid hormone production may not necessarily have a thyroid issue. The thyroid panel can confirm or deny actual thyroid malfunctioning. 

Whatever testing your beloved family member requires, The Village Vet in Baltimore, MD, has state-of-the-art equipment and training to satisfy all your pet’s needs. Call us today at 410-367-8111 to schedule an appointment.