Pet Orthopedics

Pet Orthopedic Services from The Village Vet

At The Village Vet, we strive to provide our pets with the level of care that they deserve. We have worked hard to expand the services that we can provide to pets who come to see us in the Baltimore area. We know that it can be hard for pet owners to realize that their pet is going to require the attention of an emergency vet. One of the services that our emergency vet team can provide is called pet orthopedics. It is important for all our families to know what pet orthopedics entails.


What is Pet Orthopedics?

Pet orthopedics is an area of medicine that focuses on the structure and function of the musculoskeletal system. This means the muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons. When someone seeks out the care of an individual who specializes in orthopedics, this is often going to lead to surgery. This is true from the standpoint of a veterinarian who specializes in this area as well. Take a look at some of the issues that our trained pet surgeons are able to handle.

What Problems Can a Veterinarian Orthopedic Surgeon Correct?

If someone needs to take their pet to see a pet orthopedic surgeon, there are a few reasons why this might be the case. First, the pet might have a broken bone. If there is a broken bone, this fracture might need to be set in the appropriate place before it can heal properly. A surgeon might be able to use pins and plates to make this happen.

Other pets might have torn a ligament. If there is a torn ligament, this is going to impact the stability of the limb. A trained surgeon will be able to fashion a new ligament to restore the function of that limb.

Finally, orthopedic surgeons are also able to handle muscle tears. Even though many of these muscles are going to heal on their own, large muscle tears might require surgical repair. If this happens a surgeon from The Village Vet can fix this problem as well. All pets should have access to surgical care if they need it.

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